kentoazumi 12th Album Love Is All(MP3)(Love Is

kentoazumi 12th.Album「Love Is All」
2017.03.31 Release
MP3:GBZKA-170331M/WAV (Hi-Reso):GBZKA-170331W

01.Love Is All
02.Love Is Fire
03.Love Is Grass
04.Love Is Water
05.Love Is Night
06.Love Is Spring
07.Love Is Summer
08.Love Is Halloween
09.Love Is Winter
10.Love Is Valentine
11.Love Is Life
12.Love Is Pop
13.Love Is Rock
14.Love Is Heaven
15.Love Is Next...

Music & Arranged by kentoazumi
All Keyboards and Programming on All Track by kentoazumi

Produced by kentoazumi

Mixed by kentoazumi
Assisted by kentoazumi
Mastered by kentoazumi

Recorded by kentoazumi
Assisted by Kento Takagi

Production Management by GBZ Records
Production Assisted by kentoazumi

Directed by kentoazumi & GBZ Records
A&R Directed by Kento Takagi (GBZ Records)

Executive Produced by Kento Takagi

Art Direction and Designed by kentoazumi
Production Designed by kentoazumi

kentoazumi Management by kentoazumi Co.,Ltd.

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